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Established 2020

homestead farm products

Who We Are

Homestead Farm Products is family owned and operated in Madoc, Ontario where we have lived for over 30 years. Being proud of where we live is more than enjoying our surrounding, it also includes supporting those who live here.

That is why Homestead Farm Products' goal is to provide our community with products produced right here in our own backyard.

Your local farm source for premium beef

our products

Raising beef is our main product here at Homestead Farm Products.  We are confident that the beef we are producing is  of the highest possible quality. We have a consistent supply of locally raised cattle that our customers count on for a premium quality product year-round. 


As a consumer you have the option of purchasing a few steaks for a weekend getaway or choose from a wide range of individual wrapped cuts or get stocked up by purchasing a 1/4 beef or 1/2 beef. Homestead beef is government inspected and processed at a local butcher here in Hastings County. 


We specialize in eggs and roasting chickens. At Homestead Farms we are proud to provide our local community with farm to table goodness.


Try our wonderful pasture raised whole chickens ranging  from 4 lbs up to 6 lbs.   We raise  JUST PLAIN OL'GOOD CHICKEN LIKE GRANDMA USED TO RAISE!


We have locally raised pork that is government inspected and we sell it by the cut.