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Our Beef  

Raising beef is our main product here at Homestead Farm Products.  We are confident that the beef we are producing is  of the highest possible quality. We have a consistent supply of locally raised cattle that our customers count on for a premium quality product year-round. 

Beef Selection 

Ground Beef: 1 lb packages                             

Stewing Beef: 1 lb packages                     

Heart, tongue and liver are available               

Steak Cuts On Hand - 2 per package - Blade, Cross Rib, Inside Round, Prime Rib, Rib Eye, Sirloin,    Striploin, T-Bone, Tenderloin, Wing

Roast Cuts On Hand   -  Blade, Brisket, Cross Rib, Eye of Round, Prime Rib, Round, Short Rib, Sirloin Tip

Please note cuts may vary when ordering, we will notify you what is available when we receive your order.  Thanks.


We have locally raised pork that is government inspected and we sell it by the cut.    



Having Fresh eggs for breakfast or using for baking, they are calling for you to purchase.    Better taste. Better nutrition. Better eggs.

Fresh Eggs, Roasting Chicken


Try our wonderful pasture raised whole chickens ranging  from 4 lbs up to 6 lbs.   We raise  JUST PLAIN OL'GOOD CHICKEN LIKE GRANDMA USED TO RAISE!


Homestead Farm Products goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality firewood at a fair price.  Our clients are usually residential customers who burn wood in their homes. We also welcome campers, cottagers and people who just want an arm full to burn on the weekend in their backyard fire pits.   Homestead Farm Products will always do our best to fill last minute orders and special requests.


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